繼上一篇教大家如何建立my cic 帳號後, 接下來就是要申請你要申請的簽證類別囉..進到你的cic帳號後, 在What would you like to do today?

的地方選擇你要的類別. 觀光.學生或工作.

Welcome to MyCIC, Wen-Ling Tsao - Citizenship and Immigration Canada  

點進去後, 他會要你做問卷, 看你需要提供哪些資料, 到時候所需要的資料會出現在Personal checklist.

很多人對於Come to Canada問卷填寫有很多疑問 需要準備的資料會因個人填答而有所不同 以下是問卷內容 也請大家據實回答問卷問題

Q. What would you like to do in Canada?

A. Work (我們申請的是工簽)


Q. How long are you planning to stay in Canada?

A. Temporarily - more than 6 months (停留加拿大六個月以上)


Q. What is the country of nationality of your passport?

A. Taiwan (護照上國籍為台灣)


Q. What is your current country of residence? If you are presently in Canada, you should select Canada.

A. Taiwan (目前居住地為台灣)


Q. Do you have a family member who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and is 18 years or older?

A. Yes/No (你有沒有family member < CIC的名詞解釋為配偶 需受撫養之子女及其需受撫養之子女> 為滿十八歲之加拿大公民或永久居民)


Q. What is your date of birth?

A. 19xx-12-01 

Q. Will you be using, or did you use a passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan, that includes your personal identification number, for this application?

A. Yes (會用台灣護照及護照號碼申請此工簽)


Q. Are you a permanent resident of the United States and have your alien registration card (Green Card) or other proof of permanent residence?

A. Yes/No (是否有美國永久居民或綠卡或永久居留證明)


Q. Do you have a written offer from an employer in Canada?

A. Yes/No (是否有加拿大雇主的雇用信)


Q. Do you plan to work in one of the following categories? Athletes and coaches Aviation accident or incident investigators Business visitors Civil aviation inspectors Clergy Convention organizers Crew members Emergency service providers Examiners and evaluators Expert witnesses or investigators Family members of foreign representatives Foreign government officers Foreign representatives Health-care students Judges, referees and similar officials Military personnel News reporters, film and media crews Performing artists Public speakers

A. Yes/No (是否會在加拿大從事以上工作類別的工作 請詳細閱讀 一般填No)


Q. Do you have any caregiver experience or formal training within the last 3 years?

A. No experience (在過去三年內沒有看護正式訓練經驗)


Q. Will you be coming to Canada with a spouse or common-law partner who is, or will be, working in Canada as a temporary worker or who is, or will be, a full-time student at a university, community college, CEGEP or other authorized educational institution?

A. Yes/No (是否會和正在或會在加拿大短期工作或全職大專院校就讀的配偶一同前往加拿大)


Q. Are you a dependent of a person who is or will be working in Canada or who is, or will be, a full-time student at a university, community college, CEGEP or other authorized educational institution - and you're of working age?

A. Yes/No (是否需依賴家人<是否為受撫養者>正在或會在加拿大短期工作或就讀加拿大大專院校且處工作年齡:18-35歲申請年齡內都算)


Q. Have you recently graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution for which your study program was full-time and a minimum of eight months?

A. Yes/No (是否在不久前畢業於加拿大大專院校且就讀課程為八個月以上)


Q. What is your current marital status?

A. 你的婚姻狀態 (若目前為結婚狀態 會有進階問題: Have you previous been married or in a common-law relationship? Yes/No 在這婚姻前有無結過婚)


Q. What is your province of destination? If visiting multiple provinces, select the one in which you will be spending most of your time.

A. British Columbia (你會在加拿大停留最久的地方)


Q. Are you applying to work in Canada:

A. on a working holiday (申請加拿大打工度假)


Q. Have you ever committed, been arrested for, been charged with, or convicted of any criminal offence in any country?

A. No (是否有刑事犯罪紀錄)


Q. Have you had a medical exam performed by a CIC authorized panel physician (doctor) within the last 12 months?

A. Yes/No (是否在十二個月內在CIC指定醫生那做過體檢 若回答Yes CIC會要求你直接上傳之前的體檢證明 若答No會出現以下兩題)


Q. Have you visited or lived any one of the designated countries for 6 consecutive months in the last year?

A. Yes/No (是否在一年內在CIC指定國家中停留六個月以上 台灣在內 所以在台灣的朋友要填Yes)



Q. A medical exam is needed for foreign nationals who:

want to stay in Canada for more than 6 months and have lived in one or more designated countries or territories for more than six months in the past year or;

intend to work in one of the following jobs:

º health sciences worker

º clinical laboratory worker

º patient attendant in nursing or geriatric homes

º medical student admitted to Canada to attend university

º medical elective and physician on short term assignment

º teacher of primary or secondary schools or other teachers of small children

º domestics worker, someone who gives in-home care to children, the elderly and the disabled

º day nursery worker

If you fit into one of these categories, you need to get a medical exam.

Will you be getting a medical exam before submitting your application? Sending medical results, if required, as part of your application package will speed up the processing of your application.

For a medical exam, you must see a physician on Canada's list of Panel Physicians

Yes/No (是否會在提交申請前做體檢 <<此項決定 Proof of Medical Exam 是否出現在你後面的checklist>>可先不做體檢提交申請之後等CIC審核通過寄信通知再做 但會較晚拿到工簽 先做的話會審核比較快 自行斟酌)

官網資訊:Two ways you can have your medical exam

I. Wait for instructions from the visa office after you have submitted your application

II. Undergo your medical exam before you submit your application



Q. Do you want to submit an application for a family member?

A. No (是否想為家庭成員 << CIC的名詞解釋為配偶 需受撫養之子女及其需受撫養之子女 >> 提交申請)



Q. Are you giving someone access to your application?

A. No (是否允許你以外的人有權進入使用你的申請帳號)


Q. Are you able to make a digital copy of your documents with a scanner or camera?

A. Yes (是否能將你的文件掃描或拍照)



最後會在My cic 裡出現你所要準備的資料, 再一一上傳. (可分次上傳, 不需一次全都上傳), 大致上要準備的文件有: 工作申請表IMM1295 / 家庭成員表IMM5707 / IMM5645 / IEC 條件式入取信/

履歷表(需要工作職稱, 內容) / 護照(資訊頁及所有有蓋章及貼標的頁面)/ 大頭照(護照規格)/ 良民證

 upload document     

全部上傳後, 最後會出現"Next"繼續...

 upload document-2   


review application-1  

在下面點選 I agree, 然後填上你的姓名後, 再回答安全密碼, 此為替代你的簽名.

review application-2  


確認無誤後就按Transmit 能送出囉~~~


這樣就完成申請送件了, 別忘了再進去my cic 裡看進度喔!

application submitted  

沒多久就會收到確認申請的信, 上面會有你的申請編號

Welcome to MyCIC, Wen-Ling Tsao - Citizenship and Immigration Canada (1)  

可以點進去看有沒有最新訊息, 我是在2天候收到體檢通知的...接下來就是將體檢通知印出來, 打電話去指定的醫院預約體檢即可.


體檢指定 (要先打電話預約) 並確認攜帶文件喔!














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  1. 體檢表
  2. 護照
  3. 3張2吋大頭照
  4. 體檢費(3-4000左右)
  5. 有近視的人要帶眼鏡去
  6. 如有肺結核, 需攜帶之前報告


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